Benefits of the Contract

CS TAT Value Chart

  • IAC Technical Area Tasks (TATs)
    • Task order contracts providing technical analysis
    • Create new Scientific and Technical Information (STI)
    • TATs can vary in length from less than a year to five years, from a few thousand dollars to over $100 million
    • TATs are not used for staff augmentation or routine operations
    • Result in technical reports, which are provided to the IAC BCO and made available across the Defense community through DTIC databases

  • All customers who wish to use IAC Multiple Award Contracts submit a requirements package.
    • The IAC Program Office has a dedicated Customer Support Cell (CSC) to help the Requiring Activity (RA) through the entire process of requirements package development and submission.
    • The Customer Support Cell is typically the first contact the customer has in assembling a requirements package. Contact Pamela Davis to get started.
      • The CSC team member will assist the Requiring Activity (RA) in assembling the following elements of the requirements package:
      • Performance of Work Statement (PWS)
      • Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE)
      • Evaluation Plan
      • Form 1144 Interservice Support Agreement
      • Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request (MIPR)
      • Requirements Package Checklist
      • DD Form 254 Contract Security Classification Specification (if applicable to your task order)
      • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
      • Assistant COR Nomination (ACOR) Letter

  • DFARS Part 216 Fair Opportunity Process: All TATs are competed among all contract holders in the selected competition pool. No limited source or sole source requirements will be accepted.
  • TAT max. values: $3.5M for Partial Small Business Set-aside.
  • Award Timeframes: 6-7 months AVERAGE from initial preparation of TAT requirements package to award.
  • Funding: RAs should plan to commit 3-4 months of funding in the initial MIPR submitted to DTIC as part of the TAT requirements package.