Solers Employee Spotlight

Career Growth

Solers has given me the opportunity to advance in my career and
grow as a Program Manager. Through Solers' environment of
open communication, I have had the chance to interact with all levels of management which has greatly assisted me in my growth
as a Program Manager. By cultivating relationships with senior managers
I have been able to draw from their experiences to further my own
program management skills."

Knowledge Sharing

One of the great aspects about working at Solers has been
the people and the comfortable work environment. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in engineering disciplines, and is always willing to answer any questions to guide you to success."

Continuing Education

By utilizing Solers' Education Assistance benefit program,
I am now able to assist in a broader range of projects that are more fitted to my interests. Furthering my education has given me the opportunity to gain the knowledge and experience that is needed in the fast-moving
world of technology."

Valued Contributions

As a recent college graduate,
I feel as though I am a valued member of the company,
my responsibilities are continuously increasing,
and I am respected as a key contributor to
the overall success of the company."