Solers, a Peraton Company, is a software development and systems integration company, best known for our solutions leveraging Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and web services. Solers provides a full array of software development services. We architect solutions to transition our customers to a SOA, realizing the benefits of net-centricity. We facilitate the adoption of SOA services, integrates services with SOA infrastructures, wraps legacy software with web services to support interoperability, architects and develops new SOA-based services into horizontal functional areas (such as C2, maritime, and satellite ground), orchestrates web service into executable information flows, integrates COTS products to support SOA implementation, develops and integrates cross domain security solutions for SOA environments, integrates and tests services using leading-edge SOA testing tools, and deploys and sustains SOA solutions.

Beyond software development and systems integration, we employ highly-skilled professionals who provide systems and network engineering, independent testing and quality assurance, research and development, modeling and simulation, system safety engineering and program management support.